Learning to love the concept of Death

January 17, 2012
By Trenton GOLD, Litchfield, Illinois
Trenton GOLD, Litchfield, Illinois
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"There is nothing so bad that it can't be laughed at, maybe it shouldn't, or it would be innapropriate to, but nothing that you can not laugh at."

Death's ominous tone calls
It beckons from the halls
which catch both the rays of the moon and of the sun

I hear Death's shrill cry in daily pleasantries shared by fellow mortals, their mortality sickens me
Shrinks my own immortality

I try to be bigger than Death
To scare it away
With a monstrous approach and
the values of a poacher

No one welcomes Death
They are to busy avoiding Death to even truly live their lives
So very few have truly embraced Death, leaving Death to do the same unto them
so that he comes unwillingly as a stranger, or an unwanted guest Death, I welcome you with open arms when you do choose to come
I will not chase you off or be timid in approach when you find me, or I find you, or we find each other
I will hold you dear, like a new friend
In anticipation of our relationship
I cherish no concept in life
more than death for in death you are free, and in death you find the currency on which life has been weighed

The author's comments:
This poem is about the outlook and connotation death carries for most all people.

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