January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear illegal immigrants,

I understand and am very concerned for your lives and your families lives. I couldn't imagine what you have to go through in order to survive. It truly must be hard to raise a family in a bad environment. Even though you are going through all of these problems, I don't think the solution lies within illegal activity. Don't get me wrong, I too wouldn't want to raise my family in a dangerous environment, but I think the problem could be solved in a more respected manner.
If you were to get here with a green card, for instance, most Americans will kindly greet you as an American citizen. They would see you as a citizen who put in their time and hard work to make a better living for their families. You would get more respect from many of the hard working Americans. Yeah, you might not get a good job at first, but you have to start somewhere. I could understand you would rather live in a place where you have freedom of a lot of things.
I personally don't know what it is like in Mexico, and maybe I should, but I don't. Another thing to think about is that why do we have to learn your language if you are moving here. I'm not trying to be mean, I just want to know why. I don't see any Americans moving to Mexico and telling you that you should learn English. Does that seem fair? Once again I'm not trying to be offensive, or racist, or whatever you think it is, I just want what is fair.

The author's comments:
It's not racist.

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