Ice Cold Sleeping World

January 3, 2012
By xPANKAKEx BRONZE, Naugatuck, Connecticut
xPANKAKEx BRONZE, Naugatuck, Connecticut
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pain feeds on my heart
darker than the moonless night
the crimson blood trails in my wake
my soul  is crying out in fright

im told that there is hope for me
yet i still wander blind
if i cant even begin to see 
where lies my hopes to find?

shattered into pieces 
i look into the glass
staring back at me
is my enemy telling me to pass

to pass by any who stand by
with their yearning eyes
so full of life
yet cold as ice

what has become of these shadows
but turmoil and strife
killing me willing me
to take my life

the pain is to great
my heart crys out
but the whole world is gone
and no one to see me die out

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