Silver Strings

January 20, 2012

Time is a precious thing
Color like silver
Looks like a string

It comes and goes
In an interval of circles
Dancing around our world

Never still
It only kills
Overtime, everything dies
Quietly, Patiently
It waits in place

Everything dies, nothing can survive
Youth is just a season
But sometimes there’s no reason
For the death of one

Time is just an absence
Flowing through our lives
Killing us, moon after moon
Taking life away
Shoving problems into a box for later

Time could be a great thing
Or it could be our mighty downfall
Sending us six feet below
Leaving us desolated
In our own minds

Screaming and howling
For sweet release
Unknown for those damned by time

Time full of pain
Time full of weakness

Time is our lives
Slowly, ever so slowly,
Ticking away

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