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January 20, 2012
By cool_guy77 BRONZE, Keizer, Oregon
cool_guy77 BRONZE, Keizer, Oregon
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I wanna know why our worlds like this
Because I’m pissed about the world of hate
That we so happen to create.
The world of hurt, the world of revenge,
The love that we pretend.
We need to see where we stand, so this world could be remade.
I wanna know why there are people so sick
While others sit back and just think but don’t react.
How rich some people are its crazy.
They only think about themselves.
But don’t get mad, it’s just a fact.
I wanna know why people say they’re Christians
And then go home and live the same,
Wondering why everything’s so lame,
And then never changing anything to make it better.
I wanna know why we have protests and wars,
Abortion and hit-and-runs,
Street fights and gay bars.
I wanna know why we have racism – for white and black,
And people so scared of terrorism, - it’s just a fact.
Just relax and see what kind of a world we live in.

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This is a very r

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