Who are you

January 20, 2012
By Anonymous

I love you, but I hate you
I love your smile, but hate what you have become
You gave me my life but I feel like,
I wear your burden like
A stone it drags me down I’m sinking.
I don’t know who you are
I can’t believe how you’re acting
So selfish and condescending
I wonder what you were thinking
I guess ill never know.
You are an extra terrestrial, an alien
The way you twist your words
Lying to the people you love
Like you speak a different language
You’re a deceiver, a liar not the person I know
Not the loving person I grew up with
Not the person who put everyone first.
Not the person who who would take me swimming
Remember that at grandpas?
You would sit on the deck and not say a word
Who knew all the secrets you had hidden in that cave
That cranium full of lies
But now all you care about is yourself
All you have done all you have changed
Everything about you is strange.
Look at yourself in the mirror
There is no more sun
Behind those clouds instead it seems as if
Your life is getting darker and
You’re getting harder to read
I lost the person I loved and treasured so much
And found the person I hate
You showed me what people are capable of
What you did cannot be explained
You lost everything
Including me.

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