The Office

January 20, 2012
By Anonymous

I had been sitting in history class talking with my friends,
And I am told to go to the office, I was shocked,
Was I in trouble, detention, suspension, warning, a problem?
I slowly got up from the chair, the class talked
Like a bunch of birds hanging around on a phone line chirping carelessly

I walk out of the classroom slowly and head down to the office.
I felt the cold breeze blow down the hallway as I was entering,
Feeling quiet as a frightened cat hiding under a couch in a home,
I wondered, what would happen if I were to be in trouble,
Would my parents know, did they tell them if I am yet?
Relax, Relax, Relax,
I didn’t seem to understand what in the world was
About to happen to me, if I get in trouble, this is on my record,
My Discipline record of course, wanting to get into a college.
Hopefully this isn’t trouble, but what if it isn’t?
Maybe a prize? Note? Is it an Early Pickup from School?
I won’t know until I get there. Now I reach the hallway that
The office stands at the end of the hallway to the right.

Getting closer and feeling colder as my nerves shiver with fear.
Now I reach the door, I touched the cold steel handle,
I open the door and see the lady there on her computer,
She tells me “Congratulations, Jacob. You’ve just won
Student of the Month! Come to Lunch with us tomorrow”
And handed me a piece of candy.
I breathed heavily in relieved, thanked her, took the candy
And opened the wrapper, and chewed what was butterscotch,
Slowly tasting the caramel flavor along with delightfulness

I realized that moment of my childhood,
It was a reward, a reward that I’ve gotten a few times before,
Now I receive again, to tell all my friends and family
I went to the office and found my surprise, Pride!

The author's comments:
I won Student of the Month

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