Fear Nothing

January 20, 2012
By Cenyen BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Cenyen BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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It was an out of body experience.
He was surprised at himself.
To be able to emit such a sound.
He was wailing away
with such vigor, such valor, such obnoxiousness.
He really shouldn’t have been so scared.

How pathetic he is,
to be so scared of everything,
what was there to fear in the forest?
The pungent stench of wet soil
as well as the empowering odor
of the fauna wafts his senses
into a delicate blend of gross aroma.
The dew that sleeps atop of baby blades of grass,
attract to his knees as he rushes
through the terrifying realm of the wilderness.
He really shouldn’t have been so scared.

Oh but he was! He was terrified beyond belief!
More than you could ever imagine!
The caws from the devil birds
ricochet off the thick back
and echo back at him,
and for that instant it seems as though
the avian cretins are surrounding him;
He’s cornered.

Varying gradients of browns and greens
morph together and blur his line of vision,
everywhere he looks is brown or green
even the sky.
He tells himself that he shouldn’t be so scared.
But pain shoots up his thin, scrawny leg
and he forgets. He makes a fatal error,
he trips, and a resting branch claws the entirety of his leg.
The sharp sting sends terrifying messages to his brain.
He’s not going to make it.

“Where are you?”
He hears his savior cautiously call out, along with his name.
“I’m over here!” He screeches out, it never occurs to him that
‘over here’ in a forest was as vague of a response as one could get.
Nevertheless his savior finds him. His savior is faceless, but
that doesn’t matter, he proceeds to cling to them like a
newborn kangaroo. Miraculously he’s able to mutter out a curt
“Thank you” through all his tears, boogers and blubbering. It
seems to satisfy his savior as they hug him in response.
He should have known he didn’t have to be so scared.
After all, he’s survived day two of the camping trip.

The author's comments:
I hate everything.

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