January 20, 2012
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Well, what am I suppose to say,
The love we had just went away,
You said you loved me, but it wasn’t true
Now all I can think about is what did I do?
All this pain I’m feeling I just want to pesto,
And let the feelings I have for you go,
I’m stupid for taking you back,
Hoping we could push everything in the past,
You’re lying and cheating,
But I kept misbelieving that you were sneaking and misconceiving,
I’m tired of fighting and hearing you say you’re trying,
And telling me to stop whining,
If you were trying you would stop lying and tell the truth,
I guess you don’t realize that’s all I want from you,
The things I say to you, I mean and it’s true,
The love I have for you, is more than I can prove,
I bet those other girls don’t have a clue,
What they’re getting themselves into,
So here’s a toast for you and your lovely lady crew,
How many girls you going to sleep with?
What a secret, how long did you think you could keep it?
The damage you did is permanent,
I’m glad, to you, my pain was worth it.

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