The Apple Tree

January 20, 2012
By HeLlOkItTy98 BRONZE, Coachella, California
HeLlOkItTy98 BRONZE, Coachella, California
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I started as a seed that sprouted out the soil
I breathed in the cool air as I took a look around me
This little girl with gold silky hair and a beautiful smile that filled my heart with warmth
Had her hands around my roots as her mom was digging a hole in the ground
The tenderness in her eyes brought me joy of being here
As Lucy put me down in the hole she closed her eyes and told me
“You will bring joy to all as you grow out your branches
Your fruit will deliver happiness to all that taste one
The beautiful sight of seeing you here will enlighten my day as long as I live
Remember this my tree I love you now and always will.”

The next day she came back with a pale of water to nourish my roots
As she laid next to me and said
“Your branches will be appreciated by many as you bring us shade
The fruit you sprout will one day win the gratitude of others
Having you here next to me will bring me warmth to my heart as long as I live
Remember this my tree I love you know and always will.”

A few weeks past as my trunk stretched out and my branches grew leaves
She ran outside with a bag in her hand
While sprinkling fertilizer on my soil Lucy noticed a difference
She kneeled next to me and pulled out this long stick with numbers
Her facial expression beamed out happiness as she measured my trunk
“ Your trunk has grown and leaves are sprouting that will one day bring me shade
It wont be to soon until you deliver me your first apple my tree
Keep growing strong for as long as I live
Remember this my tree I love you know and always will.”

As months past by my branches grew big, my trunk was almost four feet tall
Lucy turned 8 and she brought her friends over
She told them to lay down around me as they looked at my leaves
I provided them with the breeze that brushed on their faces
I looked around me and saw them all smile as they took in a deep breath and sighed
I realized that they loved my shade and leafy branches
They did not say it in words but they showed it to me in their eyes
At the end of the day Lucy came outside with a blanket around her and told me
“ You have brought my friends shade that brought them a joyful breeze
And you will soon give them fruits that will make their taste buds dance for more
You have not only brought me, but my friends too
an amazing memory we’ll keep for as long as we live
Remember this my tree I love you now and always will.”

Years past as my branches grew stronger and leaves finally sprouted fruits
They were as red as a tomatoes could ever be and the sweetness was as tender as a lime
My sweet Lucy, who was now 20, was so proud of my accomplishment
That she leaned close to me and gave me a hug around my trunk
Her arms stretched as far she could but her fingers could not touch anymore
For I have grown bigger than she expected
She invited her boyfriend for a picnic under my shade
My shade now covered one-fourth of the backyard for everyone to enjoy
And my fruits were hand picked off my branches by Lucy as she informed me
“You have brought me branches that provide me a perfect picnic spot
Fruits that bring me a good snack and drink for this lovely day outside
The beautiful sight you bring to me has made my life worthwhile
for as long as I live I will continue to enjoy it
Remember this my tree I love you now and always will.”
Later that day her golden hair was waving in the wind as a tear went down her eye as she said yes to her husband to be. I never saw her since then.

For a long period of time the house was dark and my Lucy didn’t come to visit
I felt lonely and scared, Did I lose her forever?
My heart swelled with tears as seasons past by from spring time to winter
I couldn’t imagine life being gloomy and sad
Having no one to pick up my apples when they were ready.
My roots were dying without water and my apples were rotting
I was giving up hope, something that Lucy always gave me
Drops of water fell out of the sky as I closed my eyes wishing to see her one last time

I stood there in the rain as I heard a car park in front of the house
I heard footsteps coming toward the backyard gate
Something or somebody opened it and walked toward me
She had gray white hair with a beautiful smile that warmed my heart
I was finally happy to not be alone
As she walked closer I realized that my Lucy, my beautiful Lucy came back
She laid next to me for the last time and assured me
“You have brought me delight with your long leafy branches
And gave me the delicious fruit that I’ve been waiting for
You now stand next to me as a new tree, a friend that has been there for as long as I live
One that gave me something to hope for and take care of every day
I am sorry I left you but I wont ever again for I told you my tree
You are as beautiful as you’ll ever be, now my time has come to say Good Bye
For I have lived my life with you and it is complete
Remember this my tree I love you now and always will.”
I watched as her last tear went down her eye and then closed
I hugged her hard and told her through the sound of the wind that blew through my leaves
“thank you for the life you brought me, sharing your life with me and seeing you grow up has been the best adventure yet and I will remember it forever.”

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