A Never Ending Tomorrow

January 20, 2012
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Sun gleamed
On windows of glory
Standing tall
They would soon tell a story

Perched high
Like a typical day
There was little worries
Until skies turned gray

Debris and dust
Fire and smoke
Cries and screams
As each tower broke

Frantic echos shattered
Embellished with fear
It could be heard for miles
It could be heard from near

In one moment
Our pride turned to sorrow
One nation’s glory
In a never ending tomorrow

O say can you see
Black smoke rise
By the dawn’s early light
Laughs turned to cries
?Floor by floor
Stories fell
Lives changed
Stories to tell

Crushed by hatred
50 stars bled
The pain inflicted
Paint the nation red

Ten years ago
Still our hearts cry
As we remember that day
That will never pass us by

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