January 20, 2012
By TaylorILY SILVER, Jackman, Maine
TaylorILY SILVER, Jackman, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
there's no gravity up here.
it's kind of hard to explain.
every time i'm holding you,
it's like backwards rain.

My heart beating to the rhythmic beat.
the tears streaming down my face giving off pressured heat
There's a pain inside my stinging heart
My life is being ripped dreadfully apart
those whispers are so loud they seem like frantic yells
Some day hoping i was deaf& blind and couldn't tell
coincidence is it not that my feelings were hurt
my love and soul are lying face down in the dirt
all hope is gone with the lie you told
this twisted story is about to unfold
the pain i feel is too much to bare
my pride seemed as if it was just giving a tare
So now with this guilt i pretend to wander
over and over again my thoughts do ponder
I take this thought and re-live the past
wishing those little times would have last
as the tears cover these pages i hope and pray
i will be OK by the sunset ending the day.
Its been a while since I've actually been myself.
I'm beginning to worry about my godforsaken health
Obnoxious thoughts fill my mind
guns, knifes, roses, make me seem completely shutter blind
when i open my eyes in the morning it will reveal
what i need to see, what is truly real
but after last night all i feel is darkness and fear
and my life, was simply ended with that little tear.

The author's comments:
Basically for the fun of it=]

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