On War

January 20, 2012
Gunshots assault the air with their blistering gasps
As a full moon rises overhead,
"This isn't where I want to be,
I should be home with my family."
Alas, the scent of grime and blood pervade the air,
Bringing back the purpose of the long night.
Snapshots of burning fires, homes, people dying,
All because of a relatively minor dispute.
A burst of pain ambushes a body,
"This is no way to die, no way to be rewarded
For having served my time with pride.
Save me from my fate as my thoughts turn to black,
And carry me across the seas back to my home."
Sights of horror left and right,
Death, destruction, and terror 
"No one should have to die for games,
No one should be killed for fun."
A flag starts sailing through the sky.
Now all is over as it flies
High and in pristine condition.
The never-used flag of sweet surrender.  

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