January 20, 2012
The waste of others and all there is resembles 
A lavishing array of myriad bounty  
Encircles the world and all in it
What some find irresistible and some not
One man's is another's luck
Rapture for the homeless 
And a librarian's dream
With so many titles and stories to share 
"To me, I see a land of beauty
Inside this stroke of light
For upon finding this one note,
A love letter, at that,
My heart cracked
It broke down and showed itself to the world
"This admiration of love aspired from nothing,
No feeling, no dreams
But from the words on the page I found
'...Take care, love, for it seems
a terrible plight hath emcomposed my world
Anchoring me to the rocks in the sea of this place
I know not what else to think...' "
Slowly it diminishes now and then,
Like the admiration of others shown to man, 
This treasure of some and some not 
Slowly it is masticated away
Slipping like sand in an hourglass
But never gone, for there is an endless supply
Of garbage 

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