The Siren's Lovely Song

January 20, 2012
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I am mortal
Born into this life as flesh and blood
Just like you

I was given a heart
Of silver-violet proportions
Beating to its own strange, sad song

I am a bird
With silent wings tracing gently against the skies
Flying off to nowhere

I am a goddess
Giving and taking as I see fit to be
Controlling with a song

My voice rings out
Like the steady flow of the river’s waters
All the things men love to hear

Laughter, sadness, innocence, and fragility
All within my voice, I am begging to be loved, to be protected
And so I sing

I am not lovely
I am not even always kind
But I am pure in my intentions

Seeking love and peace
But leaving only destruction and madness in my wake
Immortal is not meant to love

Nothing lasts forever
Even death must come to an end
And love simply recycles itself with every lifetime that passes

I will not find the one for whom I search
For a Siren’s song can only hurt
I choose not to sing

A voice I detest
A face that is not mine
And skin that is too tight

I will break from the bonds of this life
And leap into the dark abyss
Because I am alone

I will not dance again at night
Will not let the rain cleanse my sins
I will not let me live this life

For I have hurt him
Whose only sin was to love me
And I let him fall into the madness of my song

I will cut my tongue from my throat
I will drown in the sound of silence
Because if he is to be mad then I shall fall into insanity

At least there
Where he cannot remember me or hate me for what I’ve done
I can finally be with him again

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