For Beautiful Girls Like Her...

January 20, 2012
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I'd rather choose the girl sitting at the table with her hair in her eyes, and her smile covered by her hand. I'd rather choose those blue eyes hidden behind her hazel hair, the way her legs are crossed and her sad stare. I'd rather chose the girl sitting there, at the table all alone, because she feels she is ugly, but I know she isn't. I'd rather sit with the girl who always has a book in her hand and is afraid to reach out to others for the fear of rejection. I'd rather tell her that she has a soft smile, and stormy eyes, and that she is not ugly not on the out or inside. i'd rather talk to the girl with the golden personality the one that dresses in sweaters because a dress for her is no good.
I'd rather choose the girl that bites her nails, to hide the pain of everything else.
I'd rather smile at the girl with a kind heart, who thinks she doesn't have the looks but she is more than smart.
I'd rather tell the girl who sits alone, that she doesn't need anyone to know that she is strong. I'd rather tell the girl that she is more beautiful than she realizes, I'd like to tell her that she is truley one of a kind, her body, soul, and mind.
I'd like to tell her that she doesn't have to sit alone by herself in her shy wake, missing out on life can pass her by and be her mistake. I would like to tell her that she's not a chrysalis, she is a butterfly. I'd like to tell her to spread her wings and be bold. Not shy. So...this I tell to all the beautiful girls like her, your not no one, just because you don't say anything, doesn't mean your not heard.

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