The Climb

January 20, 2012
I see my grandpa, weak and young.
My grandpa is climbing the mountain, afraid of the future.
He just started his ascent but is rapidly increasing his speed.

I see my grandpa, growing but still young.
He has become handsome and looks forward to his future.
He is slowing down, starting to mature.

I see my grandpa fully grown; in his prime.
He is at the top of his life, living happily with his wife and children.
He tries to stay at the top; idle with time.

I see my grandpa, strong physically but weak emotionally.
Time has claimed his wife
And he is in a new country, raising his children.
He is starting to descend from the mountain’s peak.

My grandpa is joyous and excited.
He has a daughter in law and a new grandchild.
He is starting to climb down the mountain, but very slowly.

My grandpa was weak physically, but not mentally.
He had pains walking and a painful memory.
He departs for a better place, a peaceful place.

Alas, he may have been stolen by time, but his climb will be remembered.

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