January 20, 2012
By Anonymous

Everyone has different shoes
Some are big some are small
Some with laces some with none
All different styles and colors
Shoes tell a lot about a person
So take off your shoes and try on your friends’
Pour yourself into your friend’s boots

Walk into her advanced Science class

Drain yourself out of them, and then don your mother’s
Step into her church heels
Then, try to raise your family
Take them off and put on shoes of your father
Jump into his raggedy old sneakers
Go off to his busy work day
Throw them aside then put on your sister’s sandals
Slide into them
Then, walk down to her cheerleading practice
Slip them off then try on shoes of your brother
Pull yourself into his soccer cleats, tie them
Score a goal from midfield
Kick them off and try on your grandmother’s shoes
Squeeze yourself into her old nurse shoes
Try to visit your grandchildren even if you’re not feeling well
Yank them off and don your teacher’s shoes
Try on her work heels
Teach her 9th period math class
Glide them off and try on shoes of your coach
Tie yourself into his athletic sneakers, tie them
Try to coach a game for the football team
Untie them and peel them off
Because all of these shoes don’t fit
But, now you understand others
Because you have walked in their shoes

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece when I could feel myslef sinking into my best friends shoes. Then, I just extended it.

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