January 20, 2012
I Feel Worthless..
Like I Have No Purpose..
Things Crumble Too Pieces Right In Front Of Me..
No One Ever Sees..
I Wish Every Night I Could Die In My Sleep..
So Finally I Might Be At Peace..
Though I Wont Take My Own Life..
I Wish Someone Else Would..
Usually Questions Don't Go Unanswered..
So Why Do Mine?..
I Pick Myself Back Up..Time And Time Again..
Seeing As I Barely Have Friends..
I'm Growing Tired Of That..
Next Time Ill Just Stay There..
I'm Tired Of Being Let Down..
I'm Tired Of Being Hurt..
I'm Tired Of Being Treated Like S***..
I Never Did Anything This Bad..
So Why Do I Deserve This?..
If Everything Happens For A Reason..
Then Someone Tell Me This One..
I Didn't Choose This Life..
Nor Do I Want It..
I Can Feel My Mind Growing Weaker Everyday..
I Can Feel My Heart Beginning Too Deadly Quiver..
I Can Feel My Soul Dying Quicker And Quicker..
Please..End This Sorrowful Life Of Mine..I Beg Of You..

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