heart filled of broken faults

January 20, 2012
By shelbranch123 BRONZE, Sanford, Virginia
shelbranch123 BRONZE, Sanford, Virginia
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I was blind,
Just trying to find a peace of mind.
Searching all over
Hoping I would find my way,
Feeling my way through the frightening path I was upon,
It was then that I felt your presence, I endured your essence,
The fear of being harmed was gone,
Cause I was now surrounded in your protective arms.
Clinging on to dear life,
Creator of love gave me the ability to see,
Focusing in on a beautiful, significant sight.
Staring into each others eyes never felt so right.
Oh dear god,
Your eyes were bright as the moonlight.
Truly never ever will I forget that night,
The night of being lost till’
then my true love came to rescue me

He freed me, released me,
& let me be me.
held feelings so strong,
creating our own connective bond.
its all gone, in ruins now.
That was the past,
Yet my feelings will always last.
My heart will always hold a bold collection of thoughts,
of us being and us not.

The author's comments:
I was in a very serious relationship with my best friend for almost two years, then of course he broke my heart and writing has been the only way I cope with the feelings that hurt...

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