Tulsa (918)

January 19, 2012
By briesadiekelly GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
briesadiekelly GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Ferraby Lionheart plays across 50 states
It casts a shadow above 918
I really thought about you today

I think too much, read too much fiction
To really see this as a solid conviction
Devote to me like our addictions

I'm not a waitress in Vegas
Or a teenager in Ocala
I'm not going home to Texas
To wind up back in Dallas
I won't travel alone through all these states
But soon enough it's Saturday
Where the planes shift to make their way
I chase their tails to where you wait
Beneath the sky of 918

A withdrawn motel room where we could stay
A cloudless sky held out like a sleigh
And darling, where's all the time to play?

I won't travel alone through all these states
And soon enough it's another day
Where the planes turn around back this way
I watch them fly away
Across another 50 states
Casting a shadow above 918
I still think about you everyday

Do you love me now?
Do you love me now,
That we know
Nothing could happen
Nothing will happen

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