Electric Glow (Fire & Snow)

January 19, 2012
By briesadiekelly GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
briesadiekelly GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Ellie, darling, answer me
Do you feel anything?
Cause time and space are everything
More than you can see

I read your words, give them my best
In one hundred words or less
Breathing has already destroyed
All the beauty in your chest

Your art means nothing to you anymore
Your pastel paintings became crayola sketches in a drawer
It's been awhile since seventeen
Magnolia gardens and two degrees
But look now, the sky is gold

All the places, the people you knew
The Texas boys and girls with bright tattoos
Under the sun and the baby blue
In a lightweight twine, they've grown too
Taste the magic, the electric glow
When fire dies and melts the snow
When fire melts the snow

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