Who Will Win?

January 19, 2012
By Sylvie Sparks BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Sylvie Sparks BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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My heart began to thump and pound
As I heard the roar of the cheering crowd.
I walked to section 616,
I was sitting in the nosebleeds.
Despite that fact I was ecstatic
To see the National Championship.

LSU vs. Alabama!
Fans were shouting Rama Jama.
Number 1 against number 2,
Who’s fans would walk away feeling blue?
Purple and gold filled the stands,
Except the fans from Bama land.

It’s halftime now and Bama’s up.
9-0 but that’s not enough!
LSU is in a fright,
What will they do to continue the fight?
Apparently nothing ‘cause here we are
At the end of the 4th and Bama’s gone far.

The Crimson Tide remained on the field
To receive their trophy and seal the deal.
As the band played “Yea Alabama”
The crowd sang along
While the LSU Tigers covered their ears
For they did not want to hear.

An intense game it was
21-0 the damage was done.
So sorry LS who?
For the Crimson Tide has beaten you!
The fans from T-town head down to Bourbon,
To declare their victory, yes they had won!

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