The Blue Planet

January 19, 2012
I'll touch the earth with my feet
But I want to taste it one more time
On the count of three, where the sharks eat
The daylight comes, the daylight goes in the heat
Where the water trembles, and with the sun, it will meet
But I want to taste it one more time

Wires connect to tires
Underneath a sky that holds my desires
On lamp posts of girls on flyers
It gets hotter, it gets higher
Like climate created by air conditioners and kerosene
But the details are better kept underground, unseen
Where the President will have a refugee
The engines make no room, the earth won't spin
Happy times of travel, on the airplane's skin
And sad times of thick air, winter thin

But I can touch the earth with my feet
Let it go, set gravity free
But I won't dream
It lets me fall, it skins my knees
But inside, underneath it all smells so sweet
Like fine lines, laugh lines, like my dirty sheets

The morning papers give us a conversation
To form opinions, our own stubborn nation
A girl in the tree, she made it to a radio station
We are killing time, going to bed in frustration
Splitting beds, covering sheets to cover the breeze of sensation
The children have grown, we're left alone to temptation
To make things work, to rebuild a foundation
Of paper hearts from seventh grade, a young fascination
We jumped in with high expectations
We're hailing cabs, we have loose change for a bus station
Typing words, spilling ink for inspiration
In a heavy world, we accelerate past the population
We climb it, forcing to grow, get an education

Desire found in clever wires
And with it, I'll move the tires
License plates to which we aspire
So much hotter, it lights fire
Like ice cubes, the water's cold
I give it a try, my feet claw to hold
Seven o' clock news on time, just to be told
It's too sad, it's too sad, or maybe we've just grown old

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