We love each other

January 19, 2012
Where did the time go? Is there anything to show
Every second, I feel like everything has changed

Living long and deep inside.... inside my spinning brain
Of sweet yet deep thoughts.... thoughts of us laughing along the street
Very enchanting memories.... memories that are long lasting
Each place has a different chime and you were so close to being mine

Everyday I have thoughts of you, Do you have thoughts of me too?
And i remember all the things we use to do, everything that may have left you
Cause' I love you
Here I lay wishing i was next to you, being held like we use to

Our memories will last forever, but forever doesn't last long
There was a time...a time where you were almost mine
How could I have been so scared and unprepared
Each day I think of the promise I made you, the one you keep thinking of too
Rather than thinking about you, I push these thought...I push them farther away

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