Powers of Love

January 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Pushing its way in,
Tearing at the seems.
Ripping away the shell,
Opening every door and window.
Looking for gap,
Hoping for a break.
Laying in wait,
Trying desperately to find a way in.

It could ruin it all,
Or fix every problem.
Keeps families together,
Destroys friendships forever.
Holds open opportunities,
Closes some gates.
Never resting,
Always searching.

It tells no lies,
It keeps every secret
Never breaks a promise.
Clings to every memory,
Burns all that stings.
Brings giddy smiles,
And hysterical cries.
Delivers heart-shattering messages,
Holds hearts together.

It is all that is good,
All that is evil,
Brings hope,
Kills dreams,
Delivers life,
Makes us feel,
Everything in between,
That much more.
It is simply put,

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