Big Brother

January 19, 2012
By djb2009 BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
djb2009 BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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Mommy and Daddy brought home my baby sister today
she came from mommy’s belly
she eats and she sleeps and she plays with my toys
I am her big brother, she is my little sister

She likes to play at the playground
I like to play there too
Another boy knocks her down
So I knock him down
I will protect her, she is my little sister

I teach her how to climb trees
I tell her all about the letters that I learned in school
I show her how to ride a tricycle
I will teach her, she is my little sister

We play together inside when it rains
I read her my books and we draw together
we like to race down the hallway in our pillowcases
I will love her, she is my little sister

Today is her first day in fourth grade
I was in this class before, I remember
I show her where the best seat is, and where to put her backpack
I am her big brother, she is my little sister

When Mom and Dad are at work we have to bike to school
today she hit a fence and fell off her bike, she cried so so much and there was lots of blood
I ran to find help, I was afraid
I will take care of her, she is my little sister

She has to write a paper for school
Mom and Dad tried to help, but they dont understand and everyone is upset
but not me. I’ll help her finish her paper, I’ve written one before
I will help her, she is my little sister

Whenever we go to grandma and grandpa’s house
she always hates the food but can’t leave until it’s all gone
I scoop up her food and eat it when grandma’s not looking
I will cover for her, she is my sister
She plays on the 9th grade basketball team
She has never played before and she wants to quit. She feels like she’s the worst one there
I cheer her on at the games, I tell her she’s just as good as the others
I am her big brother, she is my little sister

Sometimes girls at school tease her
sometimes she gets left out
I want everyone to see what I see, I want her to feel loved
I hurt for her, she is my little sister

She doesn’t want to tell me things
sometimes she wants to be left alone
I do not understand but I cannot push her
I respect her, she is my little sister

She is uncomfortable the way she is
she doesn’t think she is pretty or worthy. she is nervous and self conscious
I tell her she is beautiful and important, and she is the only one who does not see that
I love her, she is my little sister

She sees boys, boys see her
he asks her on a date. I find out, I freak out
he asks her to the prom. I find out, I flip out
She is my little sister!
I track him down, we talk. I don’t like him.
I want her to be happy, she is my little sister
but who knows best?

They've dated for years now
they dated all through college, they've dated as they have started their careers
he asked her to marry him! She told me she love him
I am afraid. I am upset. she is my little sister

Who was there to be her brother? I was.
Who was there to protect her? I was.
who was there to teach her? I was
Who loved her long before she met him? I did!
She tells me that she loves me
she tells me that she needs me, and she will always need me to be
her big brother, she is my little sister

I tell her she has found a good man.
That since she says that he is the one, I will stand by him.
I will always love her, respect her, protect her, help her, comfort her, teach her, and accept her.
I am her big brother, she is my little sister

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R33B33 said...
on Jan. 30 2012 at 8:30 pm
R33B33, Marathon, Ohio
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment
I love this! I was looking for something that described me and my brother, this does, great job

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