Society is a motherf***** joke

January 19, 2012
By PAZS12 PLATINUM, Menomonie, Wisconsin
PAZS12 PLATINUM, Menomonie, Wisconsin
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Yes, the title is long
Yes it sounds silly
And yes I just said the word…
mother****ing in reference to society
Why? Because it is a bloody joke!

I say this, loud and obnoxiously clear!
Society is not my mother or my nature in no way shape or form!
Society, you did NOT give birth to me
Nor did you carry me for nine months
Weight increasing, decreasing
Can’t bend over and see your feet
Eating everything you can
Struggling to sit you

NO society you did none of this for me.

You tell me to follow your rules,
Marry rich…
Sit up straight…
Don’t slurp…
Don’t burp…
No sex before marriage….
Do this…
Do that….
Well forget you!

You’re more annoying than my conscience,
A freaking dinging sound on a machine.
You cannot control me!

You are not my mother thank god!
you make her look good and she is as crazy as they come.
I love her to death and I’d take her any day over you society.

You see society, you and I
Can and never will be anything that surrounds happiness
Yeah that line sucked but eventually it will sink in.

Society, you cannot claim me,
blame me,
control me,
put me in your will…
All you can do is…

I will not abide by your rules,
I can’t be grounded by you…

I am real.
You are nothing but peoples own sad imagination for order and direction to separate classes.


I am my own society and hot damn it’s a good one.

The author's comments:
We have so many rules and who came up with these rules? The ony thing we cannot see or rid of.

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