Mirror, Mirror

January 19, 2012
"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?"

I say this to the mirror everyday,
It tells me the truth or it will pay.

"Not you," says the mirror, "not even close."
"You must look like her to be wanted the most."

I change my appearance,
I do what I must,
But I always find something I need to adjust.

I lose and gain pounds,
I outrun the hounds,
I made myself better as the days go 'round.

The mirror tells me I should give up,
Or else I'll weigh less than a newborn pup.

My life was a mess,
But I couldn't care less.
I was going insane, that's all I'll confess.

My weight still went down,
The mirror laughed like a clown,
My friends stopped asking me to come across town.

My clothes got too big,
But I felt like a pig.
The most I would eat was one little fig.

My body continued shrinking,
My health was slowly sinking.
All this got me thinking,
"Why am I not the fairest yet?"

I asked the mirror why and it said from the shelf,
"What I say is not true,
What you hear comes from you,
You say these things, you hurt yourself,
But all you need to do is believe."

Believe you are special,
You're one of a kind,
There's lots of things that you can find.

Society sucks, that's all I can say,
Just remember you're beautiful in every way.

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