January 19, 2012
By TheyCallMeCaseHoov BRONZE, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
TheyCallMeCaseHoov BRONZE, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
\"I\'d rather be hated for who I am, then loved for what I am not\"- Kurt Cobain

The flame struck my soul
On the floor a magnetic pull
Tears fell simultaneously
A fire pulsing through me
Those brown eyes saw the innocence
Time stopped, locked in a trance
Then she held out a hand
Weakness reigned within and forced it to the floor
She sobbed and begged for no more
Eyes closed and prayed
All was silent

Surrender is not what she chose but her body commanded
Let go, just stop
Leave it behind
Won’t let….my…self……………………………….

Off the ground, in the sky
Gently the warmth surrounded and consumed
The feel of wind as they fly
Wings beating in tune to her heart
Evil beginning to tear apart

You could see the galaxies in her eyes
The sunset in her hair
Jumping up pain spread through like a knives
Fell to the floor
“What is all of this?”
Suddenly opened the door
His face she could not dismiss
You’re not strong enough yet
You need more rest
As he picked her up in his arms and laid her back down, their eyes met

“Who are……….?”
Questions after you’ve slept
I can’t sleep without answers
My mind seeks

The author's comments:
this is one of my most favorite poems that i've written recently.

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