Let the dog out

January 19, 2012
By Thomas Sulecki BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Thomas Sulecki BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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A handsome white mutt pawing the pale white door,
Snuffing the cool air hastily bleeding in the doors seam,
Gesturing to show he wants out,
Always knowing what waits outside.

The plain white door, bleak on both sides
Another piece of reality in hold
I open it, The Knob cool in my hand,
Door squeaking like a surprised mouse as it breaks open

I step out onto a surprisingly wet deck in bare feet,
Cool water on the cool wood,
Shocking! Then relaxing
A slight spark of change going unnoticed
Striping away the warmth of home

The dog darts out, majestically prancing around the yard.
He sticks his snout into the wind woven mesh of green.
The moist muddy lawn gently gleaming from the beaming ball in the sky,
He paces, searching, and searching,
Searching for some hidden perfect spot

As I stand in the cool light breeze,
Tightening my face,
It too stealing away the warmth,
Replacing it with a subtle narcotic feel of joy
Another spark of change going unnoticed

Eyes still blurry adjusting to the light
My mind jumps,
As my eyes come to rest on a glimpse of heaven
Unsure of where I was, defiantly magical, a hidden world
Could this possibly be the same place I’ve lived so long?

Feeling, looking and smelling almost perfect
As if the sky had just painted a masterpiece in its wet fury just moments before
Leaving a light sprinkle in the air now,
Moistening everything in sight,
Every breath,
As I drown in the fresh rainforest smell wafting through the air
A glimmer on everything smooth and rough
Rooftops and roads,
Houses and cars,
Bushes and bark,

Leaving all warmth of home behind I listen
Sounds all around filling the air,
The rush of water on tires speeding in the distance
The water running off rooftops,
Rushing out of gutters and drains,
Off of long limbs and leaves,
All the water around majestically dripping and oozing
In hundreds of rhythmic patterns splashing to the ground
For no one but me and the mutt to hear

The deep ocean black sky loomed above,
Settling everything in the night
Except that illuminated by the halo in the sky
Brightly standing in contrast to the infinitely twinkling sky shrouding it

The dog ignores my curiosity for his own,
And darts past me back inside,
Back to reality,
I take one last glimpse of perfection
Of some magical universe
Before too stepping back inside
Back to reality

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