Must Run

January 19, 2012
By alyash101 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
alyash101 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
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Words coming at me like a hungry wolf,
They tear at me until I'm left Im wounded and hurt,
I can fight this,
I take a swing but just,
Fall weaker than before,
This shouldn't hurt me,
I'm strong! I tell myself.
Like trying to talk to a deaf man,
Like trying to change destiny,
Like trying to outrun the storm.
The words tear at my every part,
I collapse.
I picture myself succeeding in the least, I can defeat this beast,
It's all in my head, wake up, wake up!
They bite me as I rise,
Craving and yearning to take me apart just like the last victim,
I can't decide which ones claw at my raw skin the most viciously,
Words bred from the people I trust?
Words bred from the ones I always knew would release them against me?
Ripped and crippled,
I run,
They don't just let me escape, they're coming,
I'm faster.
The pain of running hurts,
But I refuse to be eaten alive,
Viciously taken down.
Never will I stop,
I can do this,
I can make it out of here.

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