More Than Snow

January 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Through my hat, the cool, crisp breeze seeps,
Playing its endless tunes.
My hat caves in around my eyes,
Narrowing my focus on the joy written in the sprinkling fuzz.
My tongue captures the sprinkles like a foul ball.
The passionate Christmas feeling, in my heart, replaced.

I am bundled up in the bitter air, only my nose is exposed.
My cloudy coat outlines my figure with blazing comfort.
All of those snowball wars I had when was younger,
Are projecting through my mind.
The bitter snow supplies comfort,
The bitter snowflakes are white lies.

The harsh winter storm only makes the scene more pleasant.
The citizens share their shining smiles,
Increasing the volume of the joyful Christmas music.
The calm drizzle hypnotizes me,
Putting me in a deep, winter trance.
My wandering body is the only thing pushing my body forward.

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