The benches cleared out

January 19, 2012
By iamjewbacca27 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
iamjewbacca27 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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As the heated intense soccer match progressed between Hillel Day School and Country Day Academy, on that freezing, foggy and muddy fall day, it seemed like the match would
Go to overtime. As the next play started after the ball was tactically punted from the opposing side of the field
Out of bounds by the opposing team, the toss in was
Good but the ball was immediately stolen by one of the midfielders on the opposing team. As he ran up the field, I
Sprinted with all of my might and as fast as I could towards my designated position to steal the ball from him. As he manuvered his way around the field he came at me full speed I was running in front of him and I didn’t have enough time to react and turn around so I just embraced
For the rough impact. I shoved him over with my shoulder and I went flying back as well. Then he got up and
Charged at me full speed with clenched up fists and then I knew we
Were about to brawl. He ran up and threw some
Left and right hooks at me around three time but luckily I avoided
Two of them. After that the benches were cleared out and there was nothing in between us to stop us at all.

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