My Concert Life

January 19, 2012
By MeKare_Waite BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
MeKare_Waite BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Racing around the house only ten minutes until I need to go
Navy blue itchy dress on,
Where’s my other shoe,
There hiding under the bed like a dust bunny
I slip on the uncomfortable black heel
I trip and hit the hard wood floor I get back up walking fast
In the car rushing through traffic
Only a few minutes until the show starts’
I fling the door open and run shoes in hand.
A sharp rock goes into my soul
I run across the wet soggy ground
The clear door swings open as I run to my seat.
Great I’m late.
We chat like school girls because that’s what we are,
The shows started and were moved to a different area.
A full house is what we have tonight,
The butterflies accumulate in my stomach.
Hugs are exchanged and laughs as well,
Then the hush of the people as the show begins.
We rush onto stage for our song the heels click across the black stage
The bright lights shine in our eyes but we won’t flinch.
Onto the risers as the teacher conducts
In with a large breath of air as it rushes out to make beautiful sounds,
Melodies, Harmonies and plenty of unison,
Overlapping, crescendo and decrescendos too,
This is what we do as we rush about back stage,
Off the stage then on again is what our night consists of,
Only when were finally finished do we get a standing ovation
We hold our heads high and bow as well,
Only after can we finally relax when our job is finished,
And only after everything is cleaned up can our night finally end.

The author's comments:
This is my life majority of the time. I love performing on stage.

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