Quiet Hurricane

January 19, 2012
By Slaytojl14 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Slaytojl14 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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It was a calm, sunny day.
Warm, not a cloud in sight.
But then, suddenly, it hit
A quiet hurricane
Causing icy hot winds
And Rain pouring to the ground,
Pounding against windows,
And flooding the rivers.
Houses seeming to vanish,
Pulled under by the raising water.
The fast and dangerous winds
Whip in a large circle,
But the eye of the storm is calm
Like a break from the nightmare.
Like a pause to catch your breath.
Dark and scary, fluffy clouds
Block out the warm radiant sun.
Fast cars slowly make their way
Away from the tremendous storm.
As little boats bob wildly in the bay
Tied by a secure, thin, unmoving rope.
Animals left outside run for cover.
People left outside run for home.
Unless their home has already been,
Swallowed up by the hungry storm.
That’s full with the scraps
Of buildings and playgrounds.
But it’s too full,
Weighed down by its cargo,
Like a car running out of fuel.
The strong storm
Fast paced winds whip out into the open air,
No longer guided in a circle.
Like an outward sigh,
Heaving out one last gust of wind,
It gives up.
The debris falls and scatters
Among the unified, broken town
And people emerge, hiding their faces
From the horror of the aftermath,
Of the quiet hurricane.

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