At The Crack Of Dawn

January 19, 2012
By Samantha Messer BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Samantha Messer BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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It’s 6:10 AM.
Her alarm buzzes.
It’s not her favorite sound in the world.
Her eyes shoot open as her dreams have been abruptly interrupted
By that dreaded buzzing sound screaming in her ear.

She kicks off her sheets in one swift movement.
The warmth of the blankets
No longer hugs her bare legs.
She cannot get up.
It’s as if she is super glued to the bed.

Her head turns slightly and her eyes squint
As she makes out the glowing numbers on the clock: 6:30.
Knowing she must get up,
She rolls slowly out of bed.
Swinging one leg over the side,
Then the other.

She stands and her vision becomes blurred.
The dark room, lit only by moonlight, becomes even darker
As all specks of light are erased from her sight.
Enormous amounts of pressure gallop through her head
Like a stampede of horses.

This horrible dizzy feeling forces her to lie back down.
As the pressure eventually disperses,
She tries again to stand but this time,
Wobbling around the room,
She reaches the light switch.

She jumps at the frightening person looking back at her in the mirror.
Then embarrassingly realizes
It’s only herself.
She leans in close, examining the crusties in each corner of her eyes.
With both pointer fingers she removes the gunk and says to herself:
“Why in the world am I awake?”

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