One World

January 22, 2012
By Anonymous

And it’ll be a sad day,
When the rain falls down,
And no one sees the water,
Glazing all over the ground.

But this sad day,
Is the life I live,
Because the tears of the poor,
Can never be depicted.

And it ain’t just me,
You know, living this way.
There’s a whole lot of others,
And we ain’t got no say.

Cuz’ our babies cry,
And we got out loved ones dying,
We just trying so hard,
Yeah, we trying and we trying.

And we just holding on,
Holding on day by day.
Don’t be thinking that, cuz’ it ain’t
my choice to be living this way.

And I’m looking out,
For a stranger just to see me,
Someone just to talk to,
Someone just to hear me.

And I don’t need your eyes welling,
When you look down at my scars.
I don’t need you shaking,
I won’t do you any harm,
I promise you…

I don’t need your money,
And that’s a fact.
I don’t need your pity,
I got enough of that.

Believe it or not,
I was once, like you.
My life was going strong,
Then it all fell through.

Now I worry ‘bout my sister,
I worry ‘bout work.
I worry ‘bout it all,
God’ll tell you how much I hurt.

But here is the thing,
Ain’t you worrying ‘bout that too?
Ain’t you worrying ‘bout your family?
Your money, house, and food?

I know you see us everyday,
Even though we’re worlds apart.
You know it ain’t the easiest to say,
But could you open up your heart?

And next time you wonderin’,
‘bout whatever’s bothrin’ you.
Just think about my sister dying,
Cuz’ she’s too weak to eat her food.

Think about us homeless,
We’re shadows in the dark.
And maybe you might realize,
Our worlds aren’t so far apart.

When you’re feeling low,
You come and find me on the street,
I’ll tell you ‘bout my mom,
Yeah she was shot and she was beat.

I’ll tell you of my story,
No word of a lie.
If you take a moment to listen,
I know you’ll never forget that time.

But I don’t want pity,
Just take a look around.
I want you to take the time and see,
Our faces hidden, all over town.

We’re all just people,
Think about what we’ve been through,
Don’t look down, and please,
Just remember we matter too.

The author's comments:
We're all just people, don't ever forget that.

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