One Great Poem

January 16, 2012
By Anonymous

I’m for the being on the lake
being out on there with no one around.

I’m for the U
how they beat you with your mind
on the football field
and also beat you with points on the board.

I’m for Patrick
even though he got 5th
and Mr. Olsen makes fun of me every time I bring him up.

I’m for being out at the cabin
with the sound of birds singing
and hearing the river rush by it
while they put you to sleep at night.

I’m for round trips
being with your family and friends.

I’m for hanging out with Friends
even when its just being lazy
doing nothing
and watching football and
talking about our games we played.

I’m for late night fries
when we go to McDonald's
and waste all our money on lots of food
and talk about life.

I’m for my family
who love and support me
everyday by helping with school
and life skills like how to live on my own.

The author's comments:
This poem came to me when I we were sitting in the lab. I thought of all the things that I like to do in the summer mostly, which is go be outside and be active which I do a lot of. It just popped into my mind when I thought of those things about summer and sports. And the person who mostly influenced me would have to be myself, not trying to brag, but the poem is about what I like so I what to think about what I like.
The piece hasn't really transformed much just me adding more words to each line of what I like and just putting and new line here or there. Simple changes. I didn't get that much self read back from the poem just that I added more to it is pretty much what I did. I never took away any information I just added.
There was no metaphors or similes in this poem just things that I like. What I did to make it better by adding stuff was by adding more to the poem in lines and more definition to what I liked.
This poem is kinda similar to the poems that I usually write. I have wrote one like this and it was very similar but most of the time I write poems that rhyme or have just one meaning and one main topic. Unlike this which did have the main topic on what I like, but it went very random after that. Overall I have done one of these poems and it was similar to other ones I do. They should find out what I like and no it shouldn't have an affect on others, but should tell them about me.

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