True Forever.

January 13, 2012
By RaeRae_Angleheart_SmileyFace BRONZE, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
RaeRae_Angleheart_SmileyFace BRONZE, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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"I wake up with no regrets" - Jayy Von Monroe from Blood On The Dance Floor :) <3 ;)

What if I told you no? Would you hit me just because you feel like you have to control me? Or would you say "It's alright, I understand," And let me be. I wish you were that person. The one that understands my feelings. But always have to prove a point. The thing is I don't know what you're getting at. I loved you before though now i'm not so sure anymore. It always starts off great and then it takes a turn for the worst...Constant fighting, both physically and mentally. Never agreeing on the same things, Always arguing...Well no more. It's time that i take a stand for myself because i know in my heart that i do not deserve this...I stand for something so much more better. Everyone has a purpose in life and i intend on reaching for the stars to find out what mine is...with or without you. Either way, i know i'm strong and i'll survive.
Strength is power.
Power is freedom.
Freedom is what we all desire, so why must it be so hard?...No one knows...all we know is that we must keep moving on and on until we find what we're looking for. Even if we don't know exactly what we're looking the end...we know we never needed anyone but ourselves, and to this we'd be true...forever.

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