Something Scary: Talking

January 13, 2012
By Yadira Sierra BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Yadira Sierra BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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When you talk everybody looks at you

It makes me nervous that you could
Hear my heart go boom boom
I try to look down and give no eye contact

When the teacher says "Yadira look at your classmates"
It sounds like a witch laughing when she
Finishes talking. It gives me the creeps

When I talk it gives me the shivers,
When you go to a hunted house

In my mind you could hear them laughing
Like a mad scientists when their inventions work

It just makes the center of the spotlight
When I talk

The author's comments:
What inspired me to do this poem was that was the only think i could think of. Also, because this actually
happens, which means I'm shy at school.I hope you guys like it because their are some other people that happens to them too.

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