Jesus is LOVE and Love is Jesus

January 13, 2012
By JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
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i can say this more than once but will you ever hear me?
can i get your attention?
i don't want to be needy
but, there's something i need to say, to get out, I don't want to be greedy
but, let me explain
There's a whole in my heart where love us to be
so i'm searching and searching but still i don't see
is there room left on this earth for me?
or will people only underestimate me?
I live not only for myself but for those around me
I not only pray for my self but for those beneath me , those who have nothing and those who go hungry.
I love God but i am a sinner yet he still loves me
despite what i do, he still believes in me
but when will i believe in myself?
Lord you have taught me to do good
you have taught me to love
and that, i have done and still do lord i want to tell everyone about you but i end up telling a few, so let me reach out to those in need, let me reach out for those who don't see that there is no greater love than the love you have for us,help them see, that no one will love them more than you. help me speak out and get this message through.

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