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January 12, 2012
By AlexieG. GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AlexieG. GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Do not hide behind the image of who you wish to be, or you will lose sight of who you once were."

Sit and bask in the warmth of the sun
In a midday's wonderful heat
Sprawl across the lush grass 
Softened by the morning's dew
Embrace the calm breeze ruffling your hair,
Brushing the tips of your fingers and sweeping the grass.
Close your eyes, and fill your senses with the soft babble of the river,
The serene symphony of the birds' song
Drink in the beauty of the tall trees enwrapped in a coat of deep green leaves
And the vividly bright colored flowers scattered along the ground
Listen to the far off sounds of the joggers' light, rhythmic footsteps, the splashing of pools, the baby's cry, the dog's bark, all mingling, intertwining, depicting a glorious summer's day. 
Wonder at the soft-edged clouds rolling along the vast, blue sky, 
Parted slightly for the sun's light to seep through. 
Open your arms, spread your fingers, and capture all the wonders a summer day has to offer. 

The author's comments:
I simply wrote this because I love the Summertime and being able to enjoy the outdoors and feeling relaxed. I love the sun and how lively everyone is, so this was probably written because we're now in the freezing cold winter!

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