High in the Sky

January 12, 2012
By Environmentor BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
Environmentor BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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My body is shaking slightly as I leave the dock. I am trembling not because I am leaving but because of what I am doing.

I slowly walk on the dock to the waiting boat. A man with a Jamaican accent welcomes me on board and says to sit at the front.

The boat lurches forward and slowly the dock becomes a speck in the big island. The man on the boat is explaining the procedures, but the motor of the boat is so loud no sound reaches my ears: there is no turning back.

Finally we stop in the middle of the vast turquoise ocean and it comes time for me to go up: high in the sky.

I am already in the proper gear, and stand up on the shaking boat. The men tie me to the rope and slowly but steadily I go up: high in the sky

As the boat also becomes a small speck, I realize that I am all alone, hundreds of feet above the ocean…

All my worries, sorrows, and fears naturally drip one by one into the limitless ocean below and my mind is cleared

And suddenly a wave of thought hits me…

I think of how loving my parents are, how much they care about me, and how they look after me continuously day after day

I think of how lucky I am to be living such a luxurious life, and how grateful I should be for my parents, sister, teachers, and relatives

I feel humbled, like a god has descended true knowledge upon my simple mind, and decide to always remember this day and the miracle that happened on it.

And then I realize that miracles do not only happen high in the sky, but on land too…

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