Tired of trying

January 15, 2012
By Honeygirl16201 PLATINUM, Kittannning, Pennsylvania
Honeygirl16201 PLATINUM, Kittannning, Pennsylvania
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loOK I'm tired of try to make sense life
I'm tired of piecing it back together just to watch it fall apart
some people say i don't deserve to live maybe they are right
I'm sorry to those that i have hurt
was never intentional
i wish i could go back and fix everything then disappear so i never hurt anyone again
maybe its best if i just stay in my room and don't leave until i have to eat school etc.
i have really messed up and I'm tired of messing up and being wrong
i want to be right for once i cant keep messing up
i hurt one too many people's I'm done i feel like giving up
my happiness it not worth it if its at other people's expense
I'm sorry to every one i tired but it has gotten me know where I'm through
i have just burnt out
i seen a glI'mmer of hope but was taken from me but that's OK it was all my fault i dug a deep deep hole and forgot the ladder again totally my fault
no one should blame themselves for my mistakes
that's on me and is my pain to endure not others

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