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New Love Comes Fast

January 15, 2012
By ashlyn939 PLATINUM, Lynchburg, Virginia
ashlyn939 PLATINUM, Lynchburg, Virginia
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"Love means holding on to someone just as hard as you can because if you don't, one blink and they might disappear... forever." -Ellen Hopkins, Impulse

The sun forces me to open my eyes, it takes me away from your eyes and smile and I say goodbye to my dreams
I want to tell you my secrets, my past, and all the lies… she tells me it’ll hurt you but they’re pilling up ripping at the seams
You hand wraps around mine and I just want to tell you the truth and tell you my dark side but you might let go
I want to tell you how I feel and that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me I just want that to show
I want to wear my heart on the sleeve but yet it seems like my heart won’t budge and I can’t show you how to feel
I hold your hand and I lean into your shoulder as you stroke my arm that’s the only way I now how to show you this thing is real
I know it just happened, that we just happened, but it somehow feels like it happened years ago
I won’t go to fast I want to take it step by step I wont leave you alone I promise we’ll take it slow
The way your hand stroked my hair as I laid my head on your shoulder and I have to hold back my tears
I hold them back and I go away and dream… dream of you and me on the beach i hold the tears in so my make-up won’t smear
I finally feel happy, my heart glows with hope, maybe I'm not wrong and maybe just maybe I’ve found my right
I know I’ve found you after all of the searching under rocks and opening my hearts lock but your eyes shined so bright
I knew that you were good; that you would be good for my problems and me and that I would stop for you
I would never have to tell you of my problems but I know that they would hurt you because they hurt me too…

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