Defending My Dreams

January 3, 2012
Everyday I hear
The economy's failing
The government's helpless
We need more jobs

People say
Unemployment rates are sky-rocketing
National debts are raising
Poverty is spreading

Right now
I'm just one kid
Going to school
Getting an education

I'm stuck
In the middle
Of everything
That's going on

I wonder where all these problems
Leave me
What about my future
What about my plans

I want to go to college
I want to be a teacher
But will these national issues
Will I have to bend my dreams

Is it fair for me
To have to sacrifice
All my hopes
Because of choices I didn't make

I won't take less than what I've earned
It's time for me to step up
I'm part of this society too
I want a chance at my future

I've been in the shadows too long
It's time to defend my dreams

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