The Captivating Unknown

January 3, 2012
By knightsky GOLD, Wellington, Florida
knightsky GOLD, Wellington, Florida
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Innocence is f l e e t i n g
Nothing more than a faint memory
of our childhood years.
When it leaves us,
we are left with an empty void to fill.
Some choose alcohol,
others drugs.
I chose perfection,
the i l l u s i o n of it that is.
The struggle of living up to
impossible expectations.
Forgive me for redundancy
as expectation implies impossibility
as nothing ever turns out
What happened to that little girl
I used to know?
Coloring wherever she p l e a s e d?
I know, she dissipated as a result of
c a p t i v i t y.
Confined inside the lines,
Left to become the kind of person she hates.
Someone please rescue me,
before it's too late.

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