Sing O my soul

January 14, 2012
By Rebelchick2695 BRONZE, Crystal Lake, Illinois
Rebelchick2695 BRONZE, Crystal Lake, Illinois
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Dark kisses and sliver moon, come with us to sing our tune. Sing to the moon and sing to the stars and dance the dance that fulfills your heart.

Sing O my soul,
sing your melodious tune,
high and low and in between,
your wild and uncouth tune.
No words can speak, no sounds can describe,
what lies, my soul, inside.
For darkness dances with light,
day twines with night, sky and earth, water and fire, elements, spirit in thee.
Those who hear, and see, and sing, cannot understand my wild strain. For my heart, my soul so free, cannot be pinned or caught.
Words and sounds cannot capture the music within me.
So sing O my soul,
the melodic strain,
high, low, in between,
for though none may know what it means the song shall all hearts stir.

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