The Will of the Weak

January 14, 2012
By Mammatus BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
Mammatus BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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Bound in chains, the lonely heart
Yearns past dusk for the world apart
Blackened rust and crumpled dreams
With each beat,it longs to hear the fetid screams
But only silence resonates
As the lurid heart palpitates
With each passing minute crawling by
The torturer taunts him without a sigh
A warble, a whisper a broken syllable
Any sound could be his a parable
But oh the haunting silence reigns
Nearing midnight he must face those forgotten stains
The traces of a past word, bellicose, broken, bitter
Alone he must reconcile, no more time can he fritter
Further resistance ripples inside his heart
He'd escaped it this long, it was time to depart
He shut down that silence, but with it the noise
Leaving only with the death that ignorance employs
Without the echoes of the universe
The vacuous heart was empty, letting vileness submerse

The author's comments:
I was alone, it was 4:30 in the morning and I felt like writing.
I feel like this topic has been done a million times before, but I hope a few people will like it!

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